Therapy That Can Make A Difference

Susan Kluge

Often we are uncomfortable sharing our personal problems with our social network for fear of being judged. We are embarrassed or concerned it may not remain confidential.

You may be experiencing anxiety, depression, confusion, fear or loss. Your feelings and choices may have become distorted by past unresolved issues. Your beliefs about yourself may be so negative that it has shaken your well-being.

COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL AND FAMILY SYSTEMS THERAPY can help you identify and understand what is holding you back from resolving the issue.

EMDR THERAPY can help you process those past disturbing experiences that are stuck in your memory. You can also change the negative beliefs about yourself that have prevented you from going forward and being happy.

Together we can explore the strengths and abilities you have already developed and incorporate them into your therapy. Helping you enhance your skills and develop the tools you need to move in a positive direction would be my goal in the therapeutic process.


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